Baby Ballet (2 years old)

Introduction to basic ballet technique, musicality and rhythm through creative movement.

Kinder Ballet (3-4)

Our kinder dance program offers fun and dynamic classes for little ones. Each 50-minute lesson begins with learning the very basic vocabulary of ballet, followed by creative, expressive movement and experiencing the wonderful world of dance. Accompanied by beautiful and energizing music children will also profit from all the physical benefits dance has to offer like coordination, stamina, strength, flexibility and so much more. Expect to see your little dancer twirling around in your living room and wanting to come back to our studio time and time again!

Mini Ballet (5-6)

In this class, students learn the basics of the Vaganova Ballet technique, such as posture, body alignment, strength and flexibility. The duration of each class is 55 minutes.

Kiddo Hip Hop (4-6)

Your child loves to dance and twirl around to catchy music hits? If you are looking for a fun class where your little one can spend lots of energy, practice musicality, rhythm and learn how to freestyle, then our Kiddo Hip Hop class really is the one!!! Boys and girls alike will have fun shaking it out in this dynamic 55 minutes class.

Ballet (7+)

In this class we teach the basic ballet vocabulary in the Russian method. Your child will slowly and detailed learn the ABC of a ballet dancer’s class. This 55-minute lesson will improve posture, body alignment, strength, cardio and musicality.

Mini Jazz 

In this very dynamic dance class kids will be taught the necessary skills, body language and facial expressions for jazz. This dance style includes many styles and techniques that have evolved over the years. The 50-minute Mini Jazz class includes full body conditioning, progressions, center work, style and choreography.

Dynamite Hip Hop (7-10)

THIS music – THOSE steps – THIS choreography. You won’t be able to make your kid stop practicing the movements from this funky-fun class at home. Hip hop has captured and transformed the dance world. Influenced by many choreographers, this style of dance can be so many different things. Funky, smooth, crazy, and really just about anything. Students will have fun exploring the choreography and letting loose in this 55-minute class.

Classical Ballet Level (12+)

This class is perfect for dancers who have prior ballet experience and the desire to improve technically. Like the typical classical training also this class starts with barre exercises and continues with complex center work and jumps. This 80-minute class is taught in the Russian (Vaganova) technique. Please join this class at least twice per week to become a stronger and better dancer.

Jazz (7+)

This very dynamic class introduces our students to the jazz genre and basic technical skills (pirouettes, jettes, kicks and more). We help to build the dancers’ style, expressions and confidence while working on musicality and the ability to pick up choreography with fun and enjoyable music. The Broadway Jazz class is 55 minutes long and is ideally combined with at least one ballet class weekly to see the students progress nicely.

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