Ditch the workout – Join the party! Zumba® is a class that mixes low and high-intensity moves for an interval style and calorie-burning fitness party. It’s a total body workout that is not only super effective, it’s also super fun! Cardio – muscle conditioning – flexibility – boosted energy. All in one!

Ladies Ballet

Not only young girls dream about the graceful and elegant movements that ballet promises. Students of this class will get a healthy posture, build-up muscles and improve flexibility. The 60-minute class is ideal for beginners, because all the basic positions are well explained and practiced into detail.

Broadway Jazz

This very dynamic class introduces our students to the jazz genre and basic technical skills. We help to build the dancers’ style, expressions and confidence while working on musicality and the ability to pick up choreography with fun and enjoyable music. The Broadway Jazz class is 60 minutes long.

Belly Dance

FUN – EXERCISE – CULTURE !!! In this extremely energetic class our students will learn the beautiful tradition of belly dance. It’s a great and very entertaining form of exercise, that promotes strong muscles, good posture, improves flexibility and makes our students gain body confidence. The Belly Dance class is 60 minutes long.

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